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Hiya All! :D

Just FYI, I still live. And it is hot here. And I should post more often. And stop starting sentences with "and"...

that is all.

I can't believe I have not mentioned the boy and I getting married in 2008 or engaged for that matter... I have been terribly neglectful of my poor lj. :\
I shall have to remedy this...

EDIT: I just looked back, I have told you all about being engaged, even posted pics of the wedding place and the ring etc... so... I'm not QUITE as terrible as I thought. Have moved to Texas tho, so that is something.

EDIT'S EDIT: I say "YOU ALL" like anyone reads this... well anyone but those weird German porn people posting random comments telling me to visit their site. If you are one of those people please save your comment. I will only delete it as soon as I find it...
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