Kit Kam (kitkam) wrote,
Kit Kam

Hey Everyone, So I made it safely to Brazil!


The getting here was a bit rough, sorta, but wasn't that bad, long plane rides, some language barrier trouble in Rio, but overall it was not bad at all! It is beautiful, warm, and everyone is very nice and helpful! :D (especially the people from the school)

JoAnne (my superviser) met me at the airport and took me to the school (EAB) where they were having a 'world culture fair' with everyone there and I got to meet alot of very nice people! (and got to email some of you that I was in Brazil and having a few techical difficulties phone/internet or whatever) and then I got to meet Carmen Zeisler (the lady I am staying with) and later she took me back to the apartment and I got to get settled in. She has a vonage phone, so that is a phone that uses the internet to connect and call and it uses a AMERICAN PHONE LINE number which means I can call home for pratically nothing. (she pays a monthly fee & will let me use it) and she has internet (which hooks up to her computer but not up to mine :P) but there is someone who can maybe help and fix that (a tech guy from the school?) so that rocks... if we can get it to work I can skype at night. :P
I also got to meet my co-op (Juli Million) who was different than I expected but seems AWESOME and I've heard only good things.

MY first night in Brazil was... an adventure. First there was the school, and once we got to the apartment I had a few hours to unpack and Carmen and I went for a walk and it was all really fun to get to see some of Brasilia arround me. The place I live is only a skip and a jump away from the school (3-5 minute walk?) which is rockin! (and I can walk to school with a teacher- double cool) Um. So then we went back to the apartment, chilled out for a bit, I unpacked some, and then we were going to go out with some of the teachers from the EAB for dinner and go to a play, but as we were leaving, the gate that blocked off our hallway would NOT open. We were stuck inside the apartment! So Carmen called the ladies we were meeting and they came over and got the building security/something guy who was like a portero or something in portugese that I don't remember. So he fiddled on it with the lock for like half an hour... and finally we called a locksmith, who was going to charge 80 reals (something like $40) to unlock us. Then Carmen's neighbor woke up and came out and was leaving for a date/night out/something as he was dressed to the nines and smelled good and he was pissed that we were locked in and he could talk to the guy and whatever anyway he got a hammer and a screw driver, and some other stuff and they started banging on the lock .. the ladies went on to eat while we waited for the locksmith, and well, it didn't take long before the neighbor and the guard guy had the door open. We joined the ladies for dinner and I had an awesome salad, and two muffine queish looking things, they tasted it was awesome- and cool ambiance and stuff. Anyway, then they took me to a play (which was in portugese) but looked cool, or was visually cool, and stuff.
Anyway then my bed was broken when we got home (at like 11) so I stayed in Carmen's and she satyed in someone else's guest room (which is what she is doing tonight also before people can fix it on Monday)
Today I attened a International English Speaking Church with Carmen and (Karen?) and then we went and watched a movie (Charlie Wilson's War) it was in english with portugese subs. Kinda cool. Anyway it was fun and then I completely unpacked and posted here and that has been my brazil adventrue so far. :D :D :D and I'll try to update again soon!!

Words I've picked up:
Desculpe= sorry
obrigado/a= Thank You
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