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So. Hello Live Journal. I'm a mess. Go me.

Watch me kill time instead of killing my homework. blah.

so. I am a mess. I feel like I should be PigPen from Charlie Brown, or better yet, Taz (the Tasmanian cartoon Devil) where everything he touches is all broken and messed up and dirty and whatnot. My car died lastweek. so I've been driving the white Tarus that I used to drive, and it died the day after my car died. I was half hour late to school two days in a row. whee. someone is out to get me.

whee. this last semester is exhausting. but I have found Juno Soundtrack and am in love? I think. yay indi music! (LJ wants to change 'indi' into 'Hindi' really bad, but that totally changes the meaning, ya know?) My mom even liked the music... until she listens to the words... and the expletives don't go over well... I told her she could probably get it from walmart w/o them so she wants to do that now..

also: I rec the movie Juno. My mom took me last week when I was stressing so bad I was in tears a lot, and if anyone else wants to go I'll totally go again sometime. so long as I am not busy and stressing and bawling... cause I wouldn't be any fun then I swear.

but hello. I need free time and sleep this weekend.
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